Friday, January 15, 2010

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

So it is probably time I give credit to the people who host me and the guys so many times before we go out since it is clear from reactions from my last post that they were very upset that I failed to give accurate details. Before most nights of going out hubick, bobby, and I travel the grueling 20 second walk upstairs and go to lissy, liz and she who chooses to be kept anonymous (elora) apartment. (this is of course after I walk the 8 minutes to their apartment buildings) this travel upstairs is a necessity due to the fact that unlike the girls place, bobby and brian’s place, and my place don’t have enough room to stretch our legs out on the couch without hitting the other side of the wall. Their place on the other hand is a palace. If bobo’s and hubicks and my place equaled the Holiday Inn in Omaha, Nebraska their place would equal the Ritz-Carlton in Dubai.

Now the glory that is “the pregame” is a beautiful thing for one reason, its cheap and there is usually a goal of drinking as much as you can before going out. Probably in Ireland: the euro. The pregaming I have been doing here I am not exactly proud of. 5 euro wine bottles is one of the cheapest deals and then 8 tall boys of the drink fit only for a King, the Bavarian Crown, for 10 euro. However, we always seem to make due. Interesting side note people would like to know, is that Elora is actually the person who had my keys when I lost them. So thanks Elora! Anyways, long combination of thumper (which I am getting better at) and speed quarters always follows. Life without solo cups and pong balls is limiting. I think Im going to have to make up a new game because my ears are ringing with the sounds of quarters hitting glasses and hands pounding the table.

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