Thursday, January 7, 2010

First 24 Hours

So as I said before I was going to hopefully have exciting news for the next post. Idk if my first 24 hrs are exactly exciting but they sure were eventful. After arriving at Ohare in Chicago I said goodbye to my mom and went through security to find myself having to go through extra security. Typical. They put me in a glass box and said to wait for someone to come and they will give me a further inspection. After 5 minutes a man came in and did everything put a colonoscopy to me. Eventually the guy let me go finding that I am not a terrorist and telling me to have a "great flight!" I boarded AerLingus flight 143 and sat in the wrong seat to begin. Thankfully I realized it before the 300 man who was sitting in the seat next to that one got there. 7 hours next to a man of that size and I would want to kill myself. I ended up sitting next to a really nice 26 yr old girl named Danielle who is studying Irish poetry in Belfast. She gave me some really good advice about what to go see and what airlines are the best to scope out. I watched Public Enemies and Entourage episodes and the flight went pretty well. I landed in Dublin at 8:30 am and that is where it all began to go wrong. I got off the flight and went through customes fine but had a 4 hour delay until my flight to Shannon airport. After waiting the 4 hrs i boarded the plane and was going to take off until the pilot told us that Ireland is experiencing the worst snow in 20 years and that we might be delayed. oh boy here we go.

After looking outside my window i realized that there was possibly 3/4 an inch of snow (not kidding). The pilot said that Dublin has completely shut down and that schools are canceled and ppl are not going to school because of it. are you kidding me? one of the countries in the world with the most amount of rainfall and they are unprepared for the weather to drop below freezing? nevertheless i laughed about it with my friends on the flight thinking that the delay would be short. 5 hours later, 3 trips out to the runway, and 4 times defrosting the wings of the plane i wanted to murder someone. eventually the just kicked us all out of the plane and said get on a bus. So after waiting an hour to get my bags I got on a bus to Galway. I arrived to my apartment building around 10 pm and after 24 hours of traveling all i wanted to do was drink. I met my roommates and decided to go to the pubs. I arrived to the King's Head at probably 10:10 pm and then bounced around from that pub to The Quays (pronounced The Keys) until the end of my night.

I live right next to the harbor. I look out my front window and there are 2 massive ships 20 yards away from me. I feel like I am on the set for The Deadliest Catch. It really is a nice spot with an awesome location to the downtown life. I have 5 roommates. Chris from Elgin, IL and he went to Carmel, and goes to Marquette now who I am directly rooming with, Ian from Washington DC and goes Georgetown, Patrick from Grayslake, IL and goes to Madison, Charlie who has lived all over the world but currently in Germany and goes to Georgetown, and Nick from Libertyville, IL and goes to Marquette. Our place has definite up and downs. Great location for downtown, very tiny. Far from school, but somewhat isolated.

Today was orientation I am not going to bore you or myself with the details from that. After it I walked around a bit, got my sweet new phone, a Motorola piece of crap that I kinda like a lot, grabbed a quick bit to eat at supermacs (looks like a great late night food spot) and then went on a booze run. Booze is very expensive- 24 bottles of stella for 15 euro is the best bet we have found so far. We will see how the night goes from here…

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