Monday, February 1, 2010


After a great demand from some people for pictures (aka Jenna and Kathleen, out of fear that Dad will get a facebook page- still get one Dad. Ill accept your friendship even if they wont!) here a couple of the highlight pictures. For more of them just go look at them on my fb page.

After we missed the ferry ride back the day before this is the view I woke up to at 7:30. Almost made it worth it in the end. Hello Atlantic Ocean.

I decided to climb down a bit of the way to go on this little edge about 8 feet down. I dont know if it was the smartest thing I have ever done but it was definitely worth it to go where few people have probably ever gone.

Pulling the standard Dad move on the top of the Dun Aengus Fort. The coolest place I have yet to be at in Ireland.

Hanging off the edge of the cliffs on the Aran Islands. 300 ft drop down feels like a lot more when your on the edge.

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